With ADHD, is there a way for you to engage with something—even if it’s boring—and then see it through to the end? Not because there’s an impending deadline or you’ve tricked yourself into hyper-focusing on it, but just because it’s worthwhile to do?

The answer might just surprise you!

But then again, if you’ve listened to this podcast for a while, then perhaps not.

What does fabulous focus even look like? It involves:

  • Getting started on a task or project (often the hardest part for us)
  • Sustaining momentum once we get going, which means not getting blown off course by distractions, interruptions, and the breaks we sometimes must take
  • Finishing, which means truly seeing something through all the way to the end

The foundation we need to build for this kind of focus may look a little different for each of us, but by the end of this episode, you’ll know how to go about constructing yours!

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