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Are you a business owner or professional who struggles to stay focused and get the important stuff done? Kick Some ADHD will help you understand how to maximize the unique advantages that come with ADHD while keeping the struggles and negative impacts at bay. Whether you’ve been formally diagnosed or not, if you have ADD or ADHD symptoms, this show is for you! 

About the Kick Some ADHD Podcast

Kick Some ADHD is a kick ass podcast designed specifically for adults who are:

  • Business owners with ADHD
  • Business professionals with ADHD
  • Business people who have ADHD symptoms

…and those who work with them!

We’ll talk all about adult ADHD in the workplace, but also how adults with ADHD manage aspects of their business and personal lives, including productivity, organization, leadership, stress & anxiety, diet, habits, ADHD skills, perfectionism, procrastination, and so much more!

Dana Rayburn

Dana Rayburn

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Kick Some ADHD

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#199 ADHD Tip: Jumpstart Your Day

#199 ADHD Tip: Jumpstart Your Day

This week in the Kick Some ADHD podcast, we are going to take a different twist on getting started. Specifically, how to jumpstart your day so it’s productive and you get the important stuff done.

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