Travel can be very exciting & interesting to the ADHD brain! New places, new sights and sounds, having adventures—all of these can be stimulating and can breathe new life into our souls.

But travel can also be a NIGHTMARE—especially when it comes to preparing, packing, and planning. Things like:

  • What to take
  • What not to take
  • Who’s taking care of the pets?
  • Compressed existing deadlines
  • New deadlines
  • Leaving on time
  • Where’s my ________?! (passport, visa, important thing of some sort)

In the first of 2 episodes on travel, this week we’re focusing on making your life easier before you travel.

And don’t worry—this isn’t a new set of “shoulds” to feel bad about. As always, Dana coaches us with easy-to-follow travel tips for people with ADHD, including:

  • accepting the fact that you’ll never travel like other people do
  • reducing the last-minute packing panic
  • what to do ahead of time—and more importantly how to get it done early enough
  • and great ideas for how to make packing easier (including using travel cubes like these)

Next week, we’ll talk about returning from your trip. in the meantime, what works well for you when you travel? Let us know in the comments on this episode, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook!

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