Do you work in a profession that requires that you track or bill for time?

If you’re an attorney, consultant, or in one of the countless occupations where accurately monitoring and reporting on how long you spend on specific tasks throughout your workday, then you know what a nightmare this can be for those of us with ADHD.

From forgetting to write down when you start a given task — or start a timer — to disappearing down rabbit trails, chasing “great ideas,” and even dealing with everyday workplace interruptions, there are countless ways this can go badly.

Today, we discuss strategies for avoiding time tracking traps for people with ADHD.

For some, it can be possible to re-engineer our business relationships to skirt the whole issue. For others of us, though, the unavoidable need to report on how we spend our time means that we must adopt some new methods.

From accepting certain key truths to helping us stay on track, this episode is chock full of ways to make this part of your working life easier and less painful!

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