In this episode, Dana goes back into “ADHD Coach” mode and follows up with David on something from Episode 67 (“Having a Productive Day?”) that was tripping him up.

Recall David’s challenge with taking on other people’s urgent problems and how that impacts his ability to get his stuff done. We check in on how he is doing with deflecting other people’s crises and using the codes:

  • It’s not my crisis; I’m just here to help
  • Solve your own problems
  • I am responsible for my capacity

Dana also keys in on a comment David made in Episode 69 (“A Few of our Favorite ADHD Things”) that he’s good in a crisis and actually thrives on them. Will David—or you, dear listener—actually make a crisis (consciously or subconsciously) if there isn’t enough going on?

Of course, as Dana coaches David through these questions, you might find some aspects of this ring true for you as well. What habits do you have around crises—your own or someone else’s?

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