There’s a specific 72-hour chunk of time every week that each of us needs to give some real thought to. Although the exact number varies from person to person, what remains true for all of us is that how we use those hours dramatically affects who we are and who we become!

Next week, we’ll “zoom in” on these, but today we’re “zooming out” and looking at the big picture. Here are the big categories:

  • Friends / Family
  • Body Care
  • Brain Care
  • Home / Money Care
  • Fun / Hobbies  
  • Goals

Upbeat Mornings Playlist Now on Spotify!

Back in our Snooze, News, Lose episode (#143), David promised to build a morning playlist and share it, which he did in Ep. 144: What’s Blocking Your Sleep.

The original playlist is on YouTube music, but after requests from listeners, David has now made the playlist available on Spotify!

Check out the Upbeat Mornings Playlist:

Listener Mail

Emma writes in and asks a question about our “show notes.”

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Squirrel of the Week

David shares the @dinosaurcouch Instagram account:

One dinosaur saying "you have so many hobbies" to another dinosaur holding a guitar and standing next to a painted canvas and stacks of books.
1st frame of this Instagram post from March 17, 2023 by the @dinosaurcouch account

Take the next step in this 72-hour process so you have the life you want: