Many of us with ADHD have amazing memories. Just ask us… we’ll tell you!

The problem is that we don’t always remember the things we need to remember, when and where we need to remember them.

And that means we need a system for reminders—but it needs to be easy to use, ADHD-friendly, and most importantly: one we’ll actually remember to use!

The key is to accept the fact that we’ll forget things, even really really important things! And that means we might need to grapple with the truth that needing reminders is no reflection on us or on our intelligence. It’s just that our brains move at lightning speed and things get lost if we don’t build a structure of reminders.

So this week: all about the different types of reminders we need, how to structure them, and tips for tailoring a system of reminders just for you and your individual needs!

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