Even when you’re becoming more consistent about staying on track with ADHD, you’ll still have days where your time management, your plans, and even your productivity go completely off the rails.

Today, we’re tackling some questions from one of our listeners! Megan wrote in asking about days like those.

How do you recover when things spin out of control? When you’ve worked so hard to prevent days like these, how do you respond? Can you plan or prepare for days like these?

In this episode, we talk about all these questions AND Dana lays out a strategy for us to help minimize the damage in our lives from derailed days. Here’s a hint: shame isn’t a solution!

If you’ve ever had to try to recover from an ADHD derailment, this episode is for you!

After you listen, make sure you check out Episode #103: Continuous Course Correction Mindset for part 2 of this discussion!

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