We’ve been talking about eating well for your ADHD brain in our recent episodes. But knowing how important it is and putting it into practice are two very different things!

Why? Smart ADHD eating is hard for us because:

  • we don’t know what to eat
  • there are too many steps involved
  • we resist planning, which is problematic for meal prep
  • and on and on it goes!

There are so many moving pieces, routine boring tasks, and decisions to make. And that’s why we find ourselves not planning meals, not going to the grocery store—or going with no thought and no list, not knowing what to cook, and flat-out forgetting to think about any of it until it’s time to eat1

So today, Dana equips us with an all-new “arsenal of easy” for eating!

You’ll want to hear the episode for all the details, including:

  • 6 ways to reduce meal decisions and make planning easier
  • Exactly when to think about food
  • Ways to simplify shopping
  • Being realistic for your life

Dana’s Meal Rotation Plan

Would you like a copy of Dana’s simple set of starter ideas for breakfast, snacks, and lunch? Leave a comment on this episode and we’ll email it to you! (No strings attached!) Here’s the link:

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