Last week we kicked off our series on food by talking about eating for ADHD success. And just like some foods can really help your ADHD brain work better, there are also foods that decrease ADHD brain functioning.

This can be tricky to notice, but some foods:

  • intensify ADHD symptoms
  • make our brains fuzzy
  • cause our energy (and motivation!) to crash

Obviously, it would be good to know what foods cause which symptoms—and it varies from person to person.

This week, Dana walks us through some of the most common foods (and ingredients) that can be problematic. She also fills us in on “ghost food allergies” and how those might be affecting us—even if we don’t have allergic reactions!

And most importantly, she shares a simple process you can use to discover how foods affect you, when you can eat them, and how to take a realistic approach that doesn’t involve starving yourself or punishing yourself.

Books We Mentioned

As promised, here are a couple of books we brought up in today’s episode in case you’re interested in reading further!

Additional Learning: