For people with ADHD, the word “can’t” is a big indicator. When we hear ourselves say, “I can’t,” we have to learn to listen to ourselves.

In this week’s episode, Dana shares one of the key lessons she learned when she was becoming an ADHD coach:

We have to learn to respect the “can’t.”

Why? Because when we learn to respect the “can’t,” we learn how to stop pushing and shaming ourselves unnecessarily. There are some things we just cannot do. Accepting this fact and becoming aware of when it applies to certain situations is indispensable for becoming more productive and making our lives easier.

But some “can’ts” aren’t as concrete as others.

When can we push back against a “can’t?” When is it within our power to turn a “can’t” into a “can?”

We discuss this and a whole lot more! Be sure to share your reactions and thoughts about this important idea—we look forward to discussing them with you!

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