Curiosity is an important trait for living an easier life with ADHD. We certainly need to question what we do and what happened in order to change. But asking the “How…?,” “What…?,” and “How often…?” questions leaves some of the most powerful and useful perspectives out of the picture.

So today we talk about when and how to ask ourselves “why?”.

It’s a potent tool, but Dana shares a big warning about how not to ask why.

And then we dive into 3 key ways that asking “why” can help you:

  1. Asking “why” guides you deeper.
  2. Asking “why” helps motivate you.
  3. Asking “why” can help clarify and find solutions.

If you haven’t already cultivated this habit, this week’s episode may be one of the most valuable yet! We look forward to hearing from you about how it impacts your efforts to live an easier life!

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