One way we self-medicate as people with ADHD is to include fun and interesting things in our world. It’s a practice that helps us focus, makes life more enjoyable, and can make a big difference in helping us thrive in all areas of our lives.

But then there’s the guilt. And shame.


  • How can we spend time having fun when we’re so far behind on everything else?
  • Why can’t I just stick to that one hobby that I spent all that time and money on before?
  • If I dive in and get all excited about this new thing, won’t I just lose interest at some point? AGAIN?
  • and the list goes on

Whether you feel like you don’t deserve to have any fun or whether you’ve just become completely absorbed by some new delightfully interesting thing, you know that you need interesting stuff to help you get other stuff done.

And that creates a conundrum… which we discuss… in this episode!