When you hear the term, “self-medicating,” it’s usually in a negative context, whether applied to someone with ADHD or not. But is it always a bad thing?

For the purposes of this conversation, we’re using “self-medicating” to refer to the practice of using substances or behaviors to increase focus and mask symptoms of ADHD.

We’ve all done this—often without realizing it. For example, maybe you consume large quantities of legal stimulants like caffeine because your brain is crying out for some stimulation.

The truth is, when done strategically, self-medication can be a healthy, powerful way to intentionally manipulate neurotransmitters involved with ADHD in order to improve focus and brain function.

And that’s what we talk about in this episode: ideas for strategic self-medication. We also talk about the downsides of self-medicating—the things we want to avoid. And we revisit an idea we’ve discussed in the past: building a menu of self-medicating options that are safe, healthy, and useful when your brain needs a boost.

What healthy self-medicating methods do you use? We want to hear from you about them!