Note: this episode is about how to work with your ADHD Manipulation Matrix, the tool for tracking your brain care to manage (manipulate) your ADHD that we described in Episode 71.

The key to manipulating your ADHD to your advantage is to be able to figure out which of the pieces of brain care help you reduce your ADHD symptoms the most.

How do we do that? With what Dana calls “One-Rat Studies.”

What’s a One-Rat Study? It’s an experiment you run on yourself to see how various factors affect your performance with ADHD.

We need to perform experiments on ourselves—and track the results (FOR SCIENCE!)—because each of us is unique. Our ADHD symptoms affect us in different ways, and the various brain care techniques have different results for each of us.

In this episode, we work through some examples to show how to fill in your ADHD Manipulation Matrix and determine what works best for you in different circumstances so that you’ll have a guide for addressing ADHD symptoms that’s tailored just for you!

WARNING: Keep this simple. Go for the obvious, big wins.

And remember: if your brain isn’t working, you’re not working.

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