Which describes you at the end of a typical workday?

Scenario 1: You’re sliding in at quitting time—you do have a quitting time, right?—frazzled and exhausted with the important stuff still lingering on your to-do list, afraid they will discover how much time you wasted.

Scenario 2: You finish work on time with the important stuff done. You’re calm, feeling accomplished. You’re satisfied with your day and efforts.

One of these leads to a better life. The other one is something that all of us who have ADHD know well. One of them doesn’t come naturally to us, but comes with a lot less stress, anxiety, and frustration. The other one is what most of us with ADHD will experience by default more often than not.

How can we move in the direction of having more days like the first scenario and fewer days like the second one?

In this week’s episode, we talk about the 3 critical keys to having a productive day:

  1. Set Boundaries
  2. Butt in Chair Time (Office Hours)
  3. Start Your Day Off Right

And if you’re wondering exactly how to start your day off right, Dana shares her 4-step approach for kicking off a day that will end well instead of one that spins out of control every time!