The reality is that most of us with ADHD are disorganized. In our last episode, we talked about why clutter is costing you more than you know. This week, we dig into the essentials of how to tackle the problem.

Efforts to clear clutter are prone to fail for people with ADHD for predictable reasons. One big one is that we don’t know how to take an ADHD-friendly approach to solving our challenges with getting organized. What works for others may simply not work for us!

Another reason our campaigns to get organized tend to fall apart is that we get distracted! Something comes up and our interest goes elsewhere when we’re right in the middle of the project.

In this episode, we dig into the fundamentals of ADHD-friendly organizing. Dana shares 5 key clutter codes that you can use to begin to think differently about how you handle the items in your life that pile up and create clutter.

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