Many of us with ADHD have built up lots of arguments about clutter & disorganization. We say things like:

  • “My office is not disorganized… I know where everything is!”
  • “Clutter isn’t that big a deal… it doesn’t bother me.”
  • “Making things neat & tidy is a waste of time! I’m already behind… I could use that time to do important things instead!”

But the truth of the matter is something quite different. In reality, clutter is costing you more than you know.

Directly, or indirectly, being disorganized is often:

  • straining or even damaging relationships
  • fueling emotional distress and mental chaos
  • burning much-needed energy and wasting scarce time resources
  • and more!

In this episode, Dana shares a powerful personal story about how she began tackling the clutter problem in her life… even before she was diagnosed with ADHD.

More importantly: we talked about ADHD-friendly ways to reduce clutter. This is an episode you can’t afford to miss!

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