Have you ever wondered what it was really like to live with ADHD?

Do you have ADHD and wish you could help other people see what it’s like? In this episode, we set out to do exactly that: to give people who don’t have ADHD themselves a little better understanding of what it’s really like.

Kick Some ADHD podcast co-host and ADHD Success Coach Dana Rayburn pulls back the curtain and gives us a sneak peek into her unique brain. Rather than talking about ADHD symptoms, Dana talks about what the experience of ADHD is like for those of us who have it.

Huge Caveat

As Dana says, “If you’ve met one person with ADHD, you’ve met one person with ADHD.”

Although the underlying brain chemistry that is responsible for ADHD has great similarities from one person who has ADHD to another, there are certainly variations. More importantly, each person’s life experiences uniquely shape how they react on a physiological, mental, and emotional level to their neurology.

So please keep in mind as you listen to this that each person who has ADHD is truly unique and our experiences and perspective can vary widely.

Hopefully what you hear in this episode can help lead to meaningful conversations and greater shared understanding about neurodiversity and the many wonderful things that ADHD brings to our lives and the world!

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