In recent episodes, we’ve talked about building a more ideal working life — one that’s suited to you and your particular strengths — as well as learning to avoid ADHD landmines. Both of those involve offloading tasks and surrounding yourself with people who can help you in areas that you’re naturally weak.

But being effective at working with people involves successfully delegating. And while delegating is often a struggle for anyone, it can be even harder for people with ADHD.

The good news is that delegating effectively is a skill that you can acquire. And it’s worth the effort, because without it, we’ll be limited. We’ll bottleneck processes, we’ll procrastinate, and we won’t be freed up to do our best work.

In this episode, we talk about the pitfalls around delegating that end to trip up those of us with ADHD, and Dana provides 5 ways for people with ADHD to be more effective delegators!

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