Last week, we talked about building an ADHD-friendly working life and zeroed in on practical ways to focus on your strengths. This episode is the flip side of that strategy: aggressively avoiding the ways in which your particular ADHD tendencies will predictably cause problems for you. We’re calling those “ADHD landmines.”

Our weak areas bring us down. They put a shadow over our strengths. They fuel procrastination, delays, and other difficulties that professionals with ADHD are notorious for inducing.

By addressing these landmines before we detonate them, we can reduce friction, become more productive, have more energy, and generally live — and work — more effortlessly.

Dana’s “Landmine Code” involves intentionally working toward the easy on a constant basis, taking on a mindset that refuses to tolerate friction, and developing 4 key skills:

  1. Simplify.
  2. Delegate.
  3. Eliminate.
  4. Automate.

Both David & Dana share stories in today’s episode that you’ll most likely identify with. Be sure to let us know what stands out to you as you listen!

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