Get ready, because this week we are diving in to help you build your ADHD habits. These are the actions you develop to help you live easier with ADHD. And, if you’re new to managing your ADHD, you’re probably unsure about where to start managing your ADHD.

My coach used to say, “If everything is important then nothing is important.”

I shift that to say: “If you try to do everything, you will end up doing nothing.”

Why? Because you’ll get overwhelmed. Expecting to change everything all at once sets you up for failure. You need to push against your nature and the idea that you’ll do it all at once – the way you’ve always done things and FOCUS on building one skill.

So… how do you decide where to start? When I’m working with private coaching clients I’m scanning for two ways to start. Which one we use depends on which resonates with the client:

  1. Worst First
  2. Start Easy

Tune into this week’s episode of Kick Some ADHD to discover which works for you!

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