We’ve all been there… you find yourself reliving a conversation over and over thinking, “why did I say that?!”

People with ADHD often have weak verbal filters. Actually, our verbal filters often have gaping holes that let all kinds of stuff pour out of our mouths that would be better left unsaid, said a different way, or said in smaller bites.

The nature of our ADHD symptoms—particularly impulsivity, inconsistent self-regulation, less-than-ideal self-esteem, and difficulty with social skills—make it harder for us to have a strong filter.

Weak Verbal Filters & ADHD

When we leave our weak verbal filters unchecked, we can cause all sorts of difficulties:

  • Making a bad impression in a new relationship
  • Creating drama
  • Failing to learn about others—who they are, what they need, etc.
  • Missing what they say completely by focusing on what we want to say

How to Build a Stronger Verbal Filter with ADHD

Dana walks us through exactly what we need to do to develop awareness and skills around what we say and when!

The goal is to become more in tune with what’s happening around us and align our behavior to better match it. We don’t want to lose who we are, but to artfully blend the secret sauce of our personality into a situation.

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