Can being in physical pain make your ADHD symptoms more difficult to deal with?

Have you ever thought about how pain disrupts your ADHD coping strategies? It affects everything from brain care techniques like exercise and sleep to our day-to-day state of mind including emotions and energy.

What can we do about injuries and illnesses? We cover a number of useful elements, including what each of us is doing right now to positively impact our physical well-being.

While exercise is not our major focus, Dana mentions and online program she’s been using called Essentrics. Check it out at

Squirrel of the Week

David gives a shoutout to Ryan Boren of The Stimpunks Foundation.

Tweet from @neurowonderful in 2021:

The five neurodivergent love languages:

  • Infodumping
  • parallel play
  • support swapping (sharing spoons)
  • Please Crush My Soul Back Into My Body (deep pressure), and
  • “I found this cool rock/button/leaf/etc and thought you would like it” (Penguin Pebbling)

Useful Links:

  • Article from the Stimpunks Foundation: The Five Neurodivergent Love Locutions:
  • Original Tweet: