It might feel sometimes like having ADHD means we don’t have any control or choice about certain things. And some argue that’s true.

But we believe that although it can be hard to consciously choose actions that deviate from our brain chemistry’s insistence, with the right treatments (such as medications, brain care, coaching, etc.), we CAN improve matching our actions with our intentions.

And that’s what the new ADHD code Dana’s been testing out recently is specifically designed to do.

She’s dubbed it the “What Are You Choosing?” Code, and it’s a tool you can put to use with a little practice!

Squirrel of the Week

Remember Wordle? If you’re a word nerd, it might just have been an obsession back in 2021.

Now you can tackle 4 puzzles at once! David shares Quordle, which applies each of your guesses to 4 puzzles and gives you 9 total tries to solve all 4 simultaneously!

Play Quordle here: