Tax time is here! OMG so stressful, right?!

(Note: if you’re looking for our episode about the ADHD tax and how to pay less of it, check out episode #5. We also covered underearning as another form of ADHD tax in episode 77.)

The annual April 15th tax return deadline (in the US) is upon you! (Actually, in 2023, the date is Tuesday, April 18th).

Why is this subject so triggering for many people with ADHD?

Sure… taxes are stressful for just about everyone. But ADHD tends to make the stress of taxes a chronic condition that builds over time and lasts for a long time, whereas it tends to be an acute condition for neurotypical folks.

In fact, taxes are a perfect storm for people with ADHD. Can you think of anything else that:

  • is BORING
  • has lots of steps
  • lacks clarity (both in what to do and the outcome!)
  • requires that you have been carefully tracking information ALL YEAR
  • requires that you know the whereabouts of so many documents, forms, and other minutiae
  • has a deceptively easy escape route (filing an extension, anyone?)
  • induces fear about the result (will I owe money?!)
  • requires you to be precise (or else there’s actually a penalty!)
  • is associated with sending your hard-earned money into a nebulous, mirky swamp
  • reality has shown that it ALWAYS takes longer than you think (even if you’re a pessimist!)

How to Make Taxes Easy with ADHD

From how to get started, exactly what to do, and ways to beat the boredom, here’s how to push past your ADHD tax trauma and prevent adding to it this year!

But listen NOW! Don’t put it off! (You don’t have time to wait!)

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