It’s almost universal that this time of year a whole bunch of people want to get started exercising. But before you go crazy with it, we are bringing you an encore presentation of Ep. 93: Motivating Yourself to Exercise from earlier this season.

Why? Because to actually have a sustainable lifestyle change, you need more than the temporary motivation that magically arises after all the holiday overeating and just as the New Year looms. You need ways to actually find motivation and keep it. But you also need to remove the barriers to exercise from your life, and most importantly you want to figure out how to get the least exercise possible and still get the brain and body benefits from it so that you’ll actually keep doing it!

And that’s why this replay of Episode 93 is so relevant right now. Enjoy!

And we’ll be back next week to kick off Season 4 of Kick Some ADHD with an episode all about New Year’s Resolutions!