Thanks in part to our ADHD time distortion, it’s often very difficult for us to estimate how long something will take. This can become a significant problem at work when we’re called upon to predict project schedules or craft proposals based upon labor hours, but it can also create difficulties at home and in our personal relationships.

In this shorter holiday-week episode (Happy Thanksgiving if you’re listening in the US!), David walks us through a simple technique you can easily adapt to help you estimate time.

Using T-Shirt Sizes to Estimate the Inestimable

Step 1: Break the item into chunks, write them down (Pro tip: use sticky notes!)

Step 2: Sort the items into categories, then label them with this useful acronym: MoSCoW

  • Must have this (also Minimal Usable SubseT)
  • Should have
  • Could be nice to have
  • Won’t have this – maybe later

Step 3: Assign a t-shirt size to each chunk

Listen in (we estimate it will take about 15 minutes of your time) and then let us know: How can you adapt this to your work? What tricks do you have to help you estimate time? Email us at: hello [at] kicksomeadhd [dot] com!

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