Surprise! Here’s part 3 of our series on the ADHD relationship with time — and it’s another super practical one.

(If you haven’t yet, be sure to listen to Episode 120: ADHD’s Warped Vision of Time for important context and Episode 121: Cultivating a Clearer Vision of Time for tactics you can immediately use to “uncloud” your usual perspective on time.)

Today, we’re focused on the unusually short time horizon that typically characterizes our ADHD view of time. Yes, it’s the “now” vs. “not now” situation, but Dana shows us a highly useful way to game the system in our favor.

This simple technique will help you take action earlier and reduce the stress and propensity for failure that comes with waiting until the last minute—especially for bigger and more important projects.

Most importantly, this will help you walk the tightrope of not waiting to be motivated to work on something at the last minute with the reality that we need that last-minute motivation to suddenly have the ability to take action! Make sure you take the time to listen in.

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