When stress becomes constant in our lives, it can seriously wreak havoc with our ADHD symptoms.

Of course, chronic stress is bad for everyone. It raises cortisol levels and contributes to all kinds of physical problems, including anxiety, depression, breathing and heart problems, adrenal fatigue, obesity, digestive and sexual issues, and more. Having long-term stress in your life can lead to a short temper and damage relationships.

And if the general population struggles with stress, it stands to reason that people with ADHD are more likely to struggle with stress because of the very nature of ADHD itself.

In this episode, we explore the reasons why ADHD symptoms make chronic stress worse, and why stress makes ADHD symptoms worse, including research cited by Desiree W. Murray, PhD which shows that chronic stress causes changes to the brain and reduces executive function.

More importantly, we look at how to tell whether the stress you’re facing is momentary or passing and when it becomes dangerous chronic stress. And then we look at practical, ADHD-friendly ways to tackle the sources of your chronic stress and reduce its effects on your ADHD symptoms and your life.

This is an important episode with far-reaching consequences. You won’t want to miss it – listen today!

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