Have you noticed that people with ADHD tend to move in herds? We find each other, and that often includes our home lives. You might be romantically involved with someone who also has ADHD, or you might be a parent (or child!) of someone with ADHD. Either way, overall there’s a fairly good chance that you’ll have to manage living with another one of us at some point. How does that work, exactly?

Oh and yes—the term, “neurodivergent” has a much broader and richer definition. We’re hijacking it a little bit today as a placeholder for someone who has ADHD. But people with ADHD are often neurodivergent in many other ways, just as many forms of neurodivergence exist that do not precisely involve ADHD.

But regardless of the flavors of neurodivergence in your family, your home life has a huge impact on your work. And that makes it an important topic of conversation here on this show.

Today, Dana and David share some really helpful insights on how we can approach living in a home with multiple people who have ADHD.

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