It’s a new year and a new season of Kick Some ADHD!

We kick off Season 3 with a frank discussion about New Year’s Resolutions. We’ve given up on them, and for very good reason. In fact, most people—whether we have ADHD or not—may find the whole concept of “resolutions” to be counterproductive.

But it can be highly productive to reflect on the year gone by, and even more important to think strategically and intentionally about the new year in front of us. So in this episode, Dana introduces us to a useful framework for doing those things!

By answering just 3 simple questions, you can take advantage of this moment in time and:

  • capture key lessons from last year,
  • make course corrections toward the life you want to live moving forward,
  • and find a place of gratitude—even for some of the most difficult challenges you’ve faced

This is a powerful episode that you won’t want to miss!