Here’s a dose of reality: when you have ADHD, it can be really hard to know what to work on first. Prioritizing work is a major challenge with ADHD. Without a systematic approach, we’re often tempted to just work on the most overdue, most interesting, or perhaps even the shiniest new thing and then get to everything else some other time.

Why do we care about prioritizing work?

Having a clear set of priorities for the day makes it easier to focus on the important stuff. It’s also easier to make the choices you need to make and to manage all the things you need to do.

And we’re all about making life easier.

The goal is for you to be more aware of what your priorities are AND that you get much better at keeping your crucial priorities at the front and center of your attention.

In this episode, Dana shares a real-life example and walks us through a step-by-step approach that you can easily adapt to create your own personal priorities blueprint.

AND she shares the details of her priorities blueprint, so you can see exactly how the system works. AND it’ll save you time since some of it will likely work really well for you, too!

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