When you think about what makes someone “sexy,” it can be something very different in the early days of a relationship compared to what makes them sexy later on. In a more casual dating relationship, maybe “sexy” equates to physical traits or other more surface characteristics.

But if you’re hoping to make a relationship work in the long term, being a desirable partner means that we have to think about different characteristics as the relationship matures

And for those of us with ADHD, we can attract people when we’re spontaneous, lively, and fun—or exhibiting other unique traits that stem from our ADHD. But those same qualities can be frustrating later when, for example, our spontaneity equates to impulsivity and makes us less than reliable.

So what can we do to be the “sexy” partner we need to be with ADHD?

And how can we cultivate desirable traits without becoming boring?

Obviously every relationship is different, but there are some basics that we can all give some consideration to in order to help us show up as the desirable partner we want to be.

5 Ways to Be a Sexier Partner When You Have ADHD

  1. Show up on time
  2. Do what you say you’ll do
  3. Pay attention to your partner
  4. Notice what needs to be done and do it
  5. Remember things

These are obviously easy to talk about, but can be much tougher to actually do. And that’s what we’re talking about in this episode!

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