Do you start things with great enthusiasm only to lose steam and stop following through?

Yes, this is what people with ADHD do. We get all excited and then stop doing what we intended—even if we’re still excited. We are attracted to the shiny things. We play with them for a bit and drop them for the next shiny thing.

This drains our time and resources, it wastes our money, and it discourages us. Over time, we start believing we can’t stick to anything and the failure and fraud soundtrack starts playing.

Sound familiar?

Today, Dana shares a story from a member of the ADHD Success Club* who had arrived at the conclusion that she was so broken that she wouldn’t see anything through to completion.

More importantly Dana helps us understand some of the big reasons why we don’t follow through so that we can increase our awareness, get clear about our intentions, and make a sustainable shift in how ADHD impacts our lives!

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