If you have ADHD, you’re procrastinating. You know it. We know it. Everyone around you knows it.

ADHD procrastination causes clutter and stress and conflict. It ruins your reputation. It trashes your self respect.

Life is hard when you do anything and everything but what you’re supposed to do.

And you’ve probably tried to stop procrastinating. Sometimes it works for a while, but ultimately it doesn’t. Sure, there are some areas in your life where procrastinating can be reduced. But you’re still going to procrastinate at least some of the time.

The key is to procrastinate strategically. In other words: use procrastination to your advantage!

Strategic procrastination is built on two things:

  • Harnessing the power of deadlines, and
  • Taking tiny next steps.

In this episode, we use the classic example of packing for a trip to discuss how to leverage deadlines and take tiny steps in advance to get the most out of your ADHD procrastination.

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