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Show Notes: Episode 59: The ADHD Spot Treatment Technique

Whether you’re new to an ADHD diagnosis or you’ve been aware of it for a long time, sometimes it can be overwhelming to contemplate all the different areas in your life that need work.

Yes. ADHD can wreak havoc—especially when it’s unmanaged and untreated.

But you don’t have to try to fix everything at once. In fact, doing so will only make a bigger mess! You won’t be able to address it all, and you’ll just find yourself:

  • overwhelmed,
  • frustrated,
  • discouraged,
  • and unfocused!

The real question is: how do you decide what area(s) to work on first?

And the next big question is: what is a realistic and effective way to go about addressing the issues that ADHD causes in your life?

That is what the ADHD Spot Treatment Technique is all about. And it’s going to make a HUGE difference for you!