The “inner game” of managing ADHD is all about how we approach our emotions and our overall well-being. And managing emotions begins with managing how we talk to ourselves.

In this episode, we explore the idea of self-talk—that inner voice we use in the dialogue that goes on inside our minds. Sometimes, of course, it’s not such an inner voice! Sometimes we talk to ourselves quite loudly… and the words we say and the tone we use reveal a lot about how we think about ourselves.

In fact, as people with ADHD, we’re often harder on ourselves than we would ever be with anyone else.

And therein lies the rub. Self-talk is one of the most powerful tools we can use to shape our self-image and our performance as people with ADHD. You’ll hear about:

  • What our self-talk reveals about us
  • The single biggest problem with self-talk
  • What do to to shift your self-talk
  • How to know when you need help.

How’s your self talk? Let us hear from you about it!

How’s your self talk? Let us hear from you about it! Comment below and then jump into some additional reading here: