Do you find it difficult to say, “no,” to:

  • Opportunities
  • New ideas
  • Nearly anyone who makes a request?

It’s incredibly common among individuals with ADHD for us to find ourselves saying “yes,” to all sorts of things that maybe—in hindsight—we wish we’d said “no,” to instead. This adds to our already-overloaded to-do lists and leaves us suffering, missing important commitments, disappointing ourselves and others, and behind.

The fact is: there are reasons we say yes when no would be a better answer. In this episode, we discuss why and how this happens, and—most importantly—we strategize ways to “guard your no” so that you’re empowered to avoid getting stuck in the “yes trap” in the future.

What are some ways you’ve learned to say “no?” Share your thoughts and ideas with us on Twitter: @KickSomeADHD!

After you “guard your no,” try these ADHD tips: