We’ve all been there. That moment when you suddenly remember that you made a promise to someone, but it’s too late to keep it. Why? You completely forgot about it.

Cue the shame and the guilt. Top it off with a dollop of self-loathing. You’ve disappointed someone important… yet again.

There is a better way. The key is to capture the commitments you make at the time you make them. But not just haphazardly.

Picture this scenario: you’re in a meeting. Or maybe you’re having a conversation with your significant other, your child, or your friend. You say, “I’ll take care of _________.”

But you have ADHD. Your mind is already moving on to the next thing. How can you make sure that you will reliably recall that commitment at the appropriate time and place?

In this first episode of Season 2, we talk about exactly how to capture and follow through on your commitments… in a reliable, but ADHD-friendly way!