If you’re like many people, you got a prescription for ADHD medication from your physician, and that’s what you’re taking. But did you know that there’s a proven process for determining not only which medication is right for you, but also what the optimal dosage is?

Is there room for improvement in terms of what your medication can do for you? It can sometimes be hard to tell if your medication is working well for you.

What are the signs that you’re on the right medication, taking the right dose, and taking it at the optimum time of day for your lifestyle and situation?

In this episode, we talk all things ADHD meds… including exactly what to look for (hint: it’s not about “how it feels” nor is it about your physical behavior), how to set yourself up for success with medication, and ways to check on the most subtle factors that you might need to evaluate to determine if your meds are working well for you.

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