While some people might quibble about the exact definition of “addiction” in this context, it’s widely understood that smartphones have become irresistible to many of us in our modern society.

For those of us with ADHD, however, the ready availability of dopamine hits that are offered up by our devices and the apps running on them are even more compelling than for people whose brains aren’t already starved for dopamine to begin with.

The unfortunate irony is that smartphones are one of the best tools for people with ADHD while simultaneously serving as one of the most potent distractions.

It’s time we have an honest conversation about exactly what smartphone addiction might be costing us. What Dana & David have to say in this episode might surprise you!

More importantly, this episode is loaded with practical tips and tricks to help you control your phone usage. We talk building awareness of when your phone is more hindrance than help, how to build defenses and be on your guard against the downsides of your smartphone, and what to do to get back on track and stay on track when things get out of control.