By now, we’re all tired of hearing about “risk factors” for COVID-19.

Obviously, ADHD isn’t a communicable disease, but it does impact those around us! And with that in mind, there’s a useful analogy to managing our risks of running into problems with ADHD.

One lesson we all had to learn with COVID-19 was that it wasn’t going to go away. Eliminating it wasn’t a realistic goal for our societies. Instead, we had to think strategically about how to minimize its impact.

Similarly, we aren’t setting out to “cure” ADHD. After all, it’s got loads of benefits! But we do want to minimize the negative impacts that are likely to come up if we aren’t strategic.

In this episode, we talk about practical ways to identify your risks and useful ways to address them (head-on!) and radically reduce the likelihood of the worst outcomes in our lives!