After talking about being sensitive to rejection last time, it makes sense to focus on minimizing the ways we might actually make others want to reject us.

Let’s face it. Sometimes our ADHD symptoms can be really painful to those around us. Who would want to work with someone who:

  • doesn’t pay attention when we speak
  • is brutally honest (without consideration for our feelings)
  • acts impulsively
  • is routinely late
  • lacks awareness
  • etc.

If our working lives are characterized by these and other behaviors, is it any wonder that our colleagues and clients don’t take us seriously? Even if we have tremendous abilities, our reputations can suffer as people lose confidence in our follow-through.

To help us achieve more business success, have more self-confidence, and experience less shame an rejection at work, we can cultivate some essential business social skills. And that’s what we zero in on in this episode!

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