2020 is, as Dana puts it, “a dumpster fire of a year.”

We decided to take a break from our regular episodes to insert this conversation about the unprecedented difficulties we’re all facing in 2020.

In fact, even people who don’t have ADHD are experiencing symptoms—some of them for the first time in their lives.

A recent Twitter thread from Dr. Esther Choo served as a catalyst for this conversation:

Dr. Choo is Associate Professor in the Center for Policy and Research in Emergency Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University, and while we don’t have any evidence one way or the other about whether she has ever been diagnosed with ADHD, she describes life as a “normal human being” who is struggling with executive function issues.

Between the pandemic, lockdown, changes in work (working from home, unemployment, etc.), changes in schooling, natural disasters like fires and hurricanes, and an endless barrage of unusual circumstances, even people who don’t have ADHD are struggling.

If 2020 is affecting them this way, how much more is it affecting those of us with ADHD?

Tune in for this raw, vulnerable discussion about the ways we’re coping and trying to move forward. Perhaps you’ll pick up some insights that will be useful. But more than anything, you’ll find out that you are not alone, and struggling right now is absolutely to be expected.

What do you have to share about 2020? How has it impacted you? How are you functioning? Have you discovered any lifelines? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment on this episode or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!