Whether we forget that a meeting is coming up, or whether we simply indulge the common “I’ll do that later” habit where it comes to preparing for a meeting, often as business people with ADHD, we show up without being fully ready. Having spent a lifetime in one version or another of this situation, we can frequently pull it off anyway — making things up as we go.

But inevitably, this backfires at one point or another. Sometimes this happens frequently or severely enough that the consequences are dire. We look unprofessional. Our reputation suffers. Perhaps we even lose a client or job. At the very least, we deal with anxiety, our self-esteem suffers, and we make decisions that aren’t up to the level of quality that we could produce.

Is there a way to consistently prevent ourselves from landing in this situation?

In this episode, we talk about a simple key to making a lasting change to this common ADHD behavior. And the best thing is, you can do it!