For more than 20 years, Dana Rayburn has been a professional ADHD coach and has helped business owners, entrepreneurs, and business professionals tackle some of the most difficult challenges that come along with ADHD … while also maximizing the benefits of this amazing trait.

But it might shock you to learn that Dana’s own ADHD diagnosis didn’t come until she was in her 40s! In this episode, Dana shares the story of the moment that left her in tears in the parking lot of a bookstore … finally understanding what had been going on for all those years! You’ll also find out about the surprising career that she had before her diagnosis, and learn some of the most important lessons that she’s gleaned from helping business people just like you become more effective!

This is the first of two “get acquainted” episodes designed to help you get to know the people behind the Kick Some ADHD podcast. We look forward to having you listen in!

You can find Dana’s website, including ADHD coaching, her ADHD Success Club, and the all-new Foundations of ADHD Success Audio Program at